How to Craft a Name Tag?

Name tags are by far the most frequently printed 3D objects. It is very easy to design a name tag using CraftML. Let's see how to build one like below.


This name tag can be broken down into two parts: the tag part and the name part. The tag part has a shape that looks like a rectangle and a semi-circle joined together. After decomposing the model into individual parts like this, we can proceed to model them individually and assemble them later.

First, lets model the tag part. We need a rectangle and a semi-circle. For the rectangle, we use <cube> and give it a size sufficiently large to hold the text later. For the semi-circle, we use <cylinder> and specify a radius of 10 to match the rectangle's dimension in y. Then, we use the transform command crop to crop the first 50% of the cylinder along the x-axis, which gives us the semi-circle we want.

Next, the name part. CraftML lets us write text-oriented contents simply by writing HTML tags, as if we are developing a web page. Here, we use a

<div> tag and put a name in it.

After the two parts are ready, we arrange them in a stack.

Finally, we can style the name tag so that it looks pretty!