How to Craft a Washer?

The objective of this tutorial is to build a flat washer like below, which looks like a flat disk with a circular hole inside.


We will use


First, create a flat disk using the <cylinder> primitive. Set the height of this cylinder to 2. We can set the height to an even smaller value to make the disk thinner.

Next, create a smaller flat disk with the height. By default, a cylinder has a radius of 5. So we set this second cylinder's radius to 3 so that it is smaller than the previous cylinder. The purpose of this smaller disk is to mark the region we want to cut out of the bigger disk later.

We want to center the two disks. We can accomplish this by grouping the two by a <g> tag with a layout command center to center them along the x and y axes.

Now that the two disks are positioned in the way we want, we can cut the second, smaller disk from the bigger one using the transform command cut. To indicate it's the second cylinder we really want to cut, we assign an id to that cylinder by id="hole". Then, we can give #hole as an argument to the cut command like cut #hole. Note that #something is just a standard css selector for selecting elements whose id is something.


Can you apply what you've learned to craft the following objects?

  1. A round washer with a rectangular hole


  2. A rectangular washer with a round hole


  3. A rectangular washer with a rectangular hole